The Miller Report: Reborn – An Explanation

‘The Miller Report: Reborn’ will be the greatest tv-style documentary/episodic show you’ve ever seen. And I mean ever. Think how long ‘ever’ is. It’s not like you ever get a human that can say: ‘Hey! I’m ever years old’. It doesn’t make any sense.

Tied into my Patreon, if I can reach my milestone goal I will have the funds to make these monthly bundles of joy and bring you a level of truth you never realised was possible.

Not only will this include in-depth reporting about what really happens behind closed doors, but there will be hard-hitting interviews and access into how these award-winning shows were made. You’ll learn about my journey. You’ll understand how I work. You’ll feel like you’re a little better off.

I will also open the door and introduce you to my friends, family and loved ones who have somehow stumbled into my life, and they too will explain to you why I, Simon ‘The Miller Report’ Miller, am a winner.

The production quality of these beasts will top notch, as well. And I mean top notch. You see those notches on your belt? Forget about them! If you want to see just what I’m capable of, head over to my Patreon right now and do what you have to do, nerd. 

So watch the teaser at the top of this page, and prepare yourself for a new dawn in content-making. I’m about to change the world. Again. Just like I did when I proved games were actually for babies.