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But who is Simon ‘The Miller Report’ Miller? Famously named Times Magazine’s 2015 ‘Man Of The Year’, Miller is the only person you need in your life to both bring you the score, and the truth.

An award-winning journalist who has won awards, his documentaries are legendary, and his knack* for uncovering some of the biggest lies in the video game industry and beyond is unparalleled.

Often described as ‘powerful’, ‘heroic’, ‘jacked’, and ‘genius-like’, Miller is preempted only by his jubilant deltoids and tingling quads.

The only source of inspiration, information and intrigue that you need, you’re about to learn the true meaning of the word ‘superstar’.

Because if you don’t know the score. You don’t know the truth.

*Not the PS4’s Knack. That’s shit.